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David Beumée 

Offering an opportunity to
sign on as students.
Working with a master potter
to learn the time-tested techniques
of throwing pottery.


Learn wheel-thrown pottery from a potter with 40+ years’ experience.


Hand-made stoneware, white stoneware and porcelain clays available, plus a wide variety of glaze colors and slips for decoration; oxidation and reduction firing offered.


What Can You Create?

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And There is More ...
Color in a different Medium

watercolor 1019wm

Monotype Prints
A new medium for me! There is tremendous color and energy in creating this art.


Color, color and more color!



porcelain bowl

Multi-layer color and textures.



watercolor 1024-wm



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Artist Statement

Enthusiasm for form, line and color has been reawakened following a life changing workshop in 2016. When the student is ready the teacher appears, two dimensional designs in drawing, printmaking, painting and collage on the brink of recognition and pursuit after four decades at the potter’s wheel. All life experiences have led to this moment, imagining a new world bright of hue, all skin tones given the opportunity  to show the light and color we all are capable and gifted to attain.


- David Beumée


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David Beumée

Passionate Artist

What People Are Saying About David:

gordon ward testimonial

Gordon Ward

"Most artists use color to produce art, but for David color is an end in itself, color for its own sake, art as a celebration of color."


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